Trello is a virtual whiteboard of sorts that you can use to organize projects of all shapes and sizes. The latest version of its Android app contains a couple label-related enhancements to help out with that. For starters, you can now create an unlimited number of them.


While you're at it, you can assign each label a different color, including four new ones. Make that five, if you count the addition of a new color-less one.

Labels are what it's all about with this update, so if you want to take in those features a second time, here's the full changelog. Just know that the end may cause involuntary groaning.

What's new

New feature: We've added unlimited labels to the app! Here's what that means for you:

  • You can now create as many labels as you want on a board and all their beauty will be displayed on your cards. Go crazy!
  • We've officially acknowledged the existence of FOUR new colors! That's 66% more colors than before! Wowza!
  • Hate colors? If so, there's now a fifth, color-free label.

As Buzz Lightrello would say, "To infinite labels... and beyond!"