Need a new RSS reader? Do you just want one that conforms to Material Design guidelines? Palabre might be for you. This simple, new app is fairly straightforward. You have a pretty interface with a little customizability and Feedly integration so that you don't have to rebuild your RSS lists.

Screenshot_2015-02-19-08-43-28 Screenshot_2015-02-19-08-44-43 IMG_20150219_085701

Overall, things look good enough that I'm going to forgive that mustard yellow hamburger menu. That shade looks nice and unique as an accent color throughout the rest of the interface, but it's a little too big of a dose there. Palabre isn't reinventing the wheel here, so don't look for any groundbreaking features - at least not yet.

Oh, and there is a dark mode:

Screenshot_2015-02-19-08-46-15 Screenshot_2015-02-19-08-48-54 Screenshot_2015-02-19-09-19-17

The app just exited beta, so there are certain to be feature additions and refinements ahead. You can join the beta community if you want to be the first to test these out. It doesn't appear there is an active beta as of today, but it has only been a few hours since they went stable.

Here's a feature list published by the developers to give you a broader feel of Palabre's capabilities:

  •  RSS support
  • Feedly support with full synchronisation of articles
  • Material design with delightful animations
  • Beautiful Magazine or List user interface
  • Readability support
  • Built-in browser or use your own browser to read articles
  • Manage your sources, their categories
  • Browse the most popular articles (Feedly only)
  • Search within articles
  • Mark as read (manual, automatic on scroll)
  • Change reading order (oldest/newest first)
  • Dark theme
  • Save articles for reading later
  • Share articles
  • Android wear support

You can tell it's a new app because some of these features aren't features so much as they are the required minimum functionality for an RSS reader. Still, it's a nice start.

Palabre is developed by LevelUp Studios, the team best known for Beautiful Widgets and the Twitter client Plume. Their reputation should make you feel assured that Palabre will be actively maintained. There is a single in-app purchase of $2.47 that will remove ads, which admittedly can be a little intrusive at times.

Palabre Feedly RSS Reader News
Palabre Feedly RSS Reader News