IFTTT is changing things up. The company has renamed its existing Android app to IF, leaving us to wonder what happened to the This Then That part of the formula. Functionality-wise, nothing. The app is largely the same as it was before, but it's now joined by three companions that are all focused on DOing. More on them in a second.


Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note take IFTTT's trademark approach of combining different services together to create desirable automated outcomes and channel it into more specific directions. Here's the gist of each.

Do Button

Do Button lets you control things with just the tap of a button, such as adjusting a Nest thermostat, dimming Philips Hue lights, closing the garage door, or starting up a video camera. The button works for things that aren't hardware-related too, such as sending something to Google Drive. You can place the button on your homescreen as a widget to guarantee easy access.

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Do Camera

Do Camera gives you the ability to share photos in whichever peculiar manner you want. Potential recipes include mailing images to family members over Gmail or uploading them to a specific Facebook folder. Post all of your food to a Tumblr page? This app can speed that along.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

Do Note

With Do Note, you can share notes directly to Evernote or turn them into social network posts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and elsewhere. Think of it as a speedy way to jot things down in various places from a single app.

The app was not found in the store. :-(
You can read up on the way IFTTT intends to rebrand itself in the full press release below.

Developer: IFTTT, Inc
Price: Free+

Press Release

IFTTT Launches Do — Introducing a New Class of App

Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note arrive on iOS and Android, empowering everyday consumers to simplify their world with the tap of a button


San Francisco, CA – February 19, 2015: IFTTT, the company that puts the internet to work for you, today announced the launch of an entirely new class of apps: Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note, as well as a rebrand of the original IFTTT app, now called IF. The launch marks a new chapter for IFTTT as it transitions from a standalone service into a company with multiple products.


“IFTTT’s mission has always been to empower people with creative control over the services and devices they use every day,” said Linden Tibbets, co founder and CEO at IFTTT. “Our latest product, Do, introduces a simpler and more personal type of Recipe — one that runs with just a tap of a button.”


The 3 new apps — Do Button, Do Camera, and Do Note — empower people with a new level of control over their favorite products and applications, allowing them to pick and choose the features they use most often and turn them into their own, personalized, one-tap app.


Do Button [ https://ifttt.com/products/do/button]

An ultra-simplified app for the things you do most often. Do Button brings the multiple steps normally required to complete simple actions down to one step. For lightning fast access to your Recipes, add the Do Button widget to your Android’s home screen or your iPhone’s Notification Center.


Popular ways to use Do Button on iOS and Android:

+ Quickly set your Nest Thermostat to 70 degrees fahrenheit

+ Keep track of your time and location in a Google Drive spreadsheet

+ Turn on or off your Philips Hue lights with a tap


Do Camera [ https://ifttt.com/products/do/camera]

The do it yourself camera app. Do Camera enables you create your own personalized camera in just a few taps. Do exactly what you want with your photos for limitless ways to save time and share your experiences.


Popular ways to use Do Camera on iOS and Android:

+ Upload photos to a specific Facebook album in one tap

+ Send your parents family-friendly pics over Gmail

+ Quickly snap receipts and important documents to Evernote


Do Note [ https://ifttt.com/products/do/note]

Do Note is your command line to do anything. Jot down a quick note, share a message anywhere, or type a specific command to control your apps and devices. Do more with text than ever before with Do Note.


Popular ways to use Do Note on iOS and Android:

+ Swiftly create events in Google Calendar

+ Save short notes in Evernote on the fly

+ Share a tweet on Twitter with just one tap


The Do apps are accompanied by IF, the rebrand of IFTTT’s original iOS and Android app, that lets you create automated Recipes between the apps you use everyday with one statement: IF THIS THEN THAT. This rebranding kicks off an evolution for IFTTT from a company with a single service into a company with multiple products: Do and IF, with more on the way.


“As our physical and digital worlds continue to merge faster and faster, we see an opportunity to empower both consumers and developers like never before,” said Linden Tibbets. “Do enables everyone to be creative with how they use their favorite products and services.”