December brought us many gifts, not least of which was the official release of Android Studio v1.0. While things have been fairly quiet for developers sticking to Stable releases, the Android Tools team has been busy with a steady stream of updates for those of us on the Canary builds. After two months in development, v1.1 is finally ready to roll out to the masses. This version is mostly dedicated to bug fixes, but there are a few features added in test builds that will feel new to users that are just now receiving the update.

Changelog: (from the Android Studio 1.1 Beta post)

  • Support for version 1.1 of the Android Gradle plugin (now available as a release candidate)
  • Improved support for unit testing. For more details, see this document.
  • Many new lint checks. These are detailed in the Preview 1 and Preview 2 announcements.
  • Android Wear watch face templates (Preview 1)
  • Mipmap launcher icons and a migration quickfix (Preview 1)
  • Preliminary support for BCP 47 language tags
  • Many, many bug fixes

The Android Studio v1.1 update is available to everybody on v1.0, no matter which channel you've been on. If you haven't already been notified about the new version, hit Check for Updates. If you're coming from a version older than 1.0, you may have to download a full installer to get back up to speed

While Android Studio v1.2 still hasn't entered the Canary channel, it has been in parallel development for several weeks, and it will migrate the IDE to the IntelliJ 14 codebase. When it rolls out, we'll see a lot of big new features including a built-in Java decompiler, upgrades to the debugger with optional inline variables and reference tracking, multiple selection (an extension of block selection), code style detection (e.g. tabs vs spaces for indents), annotation inference, and about a dozen others. Expect some bugs for a while, but this is going to be a pretty big update.