Just five days ago, we shared with you a rather short-lived deal on Audio Technica's stellar Professional Studio Monitor headphones where the M30x and M40x were discounted 20% while the M50x was down $40 to $129. At the time, you needed to enter a coupon code to benefit from the offer, but it was still positively received because of its value. The deal is back today only on the M50x, and it's even easier now since you don't have to bother with coupons.


Both the black and white version of the headphones are discounted again to $129, $40 off the regular selling price of $169 ($110 off the original MSRP of $239). That's tremendous value for a pair of excellent headphones that hold Amazon's number 1 spot in their category, an average rating of 4.7 stars with more than 1000 reviews, and are recommended by MKBHD over the M70x for their unbeatable price and quality.

The deal is available only today as part of Amazon's Goldbox, so you better act fast because it'll be more visible and accessible than last time and should hence attract even more buyers. You can grab yours from the source link below.