Reports about the plans for the next major release of VLC Media Player indicate that support for Chromecast output is on the roadmap. This is scheduled for the v3.0 release of the popular desktop client, but it is unclear in which version to expect it to appear on Android - the beta in the Play Store is at 1.0.0.

While there are a bevy of changes expected in the project's jump from 2.2 (which itself is not yet released) to 3.0, of most interest to Android users and Google fans is the Chromecast capability.

Also of interest is the following snippet from the 2.2.x to 3.0 changelog:

  • Large rework of the Android video outputs: there is now Surface (2.1, 2.2) NativeWindow (2.3+, supports hw rotation, subpicture blending, opaque)
  • Support rotation in Android NativeWindow output and hardware decoders

This at least shows that the development at hand is about more than just their trio of desktop clients. 3.0 is apparently going to bring big changes to the backend of Android video output, though most users may not notice with the exception of working auto-rotation. Of course, as we have seen before, it isn't always clear what VLC is doing with their Android app.

Still, whether just on desktop or the Android version too, more Chromecast support is always a welcome addition.

VLC for Android beta
VLC for Android beta
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