Microsoft's recently released Outlook Preview for Android has generally been well-received by end users, but it had this little problem. One of the main reasons to like it was its native support of Microsoft Exchange accounts. Unfortunately, it did not support the device administrator features we are accustomed to seeing when using Exchange or Office 365 accounts. An update rolling out today helps to bring its security back in line, though.

So what was missing? Well, the administrator of the account can require that your device be locked with a PIN. This is often the case with corporate accounts, since a company doesn't want your carelessness to cause the loss of company secrets or things like that. More concerning is that the initial release of Outlook Preview for Android (and iOS) would report to the server that it did enforce PIN policies, when it really did not.

Today's update takes care of that glaring problem, which should help reluctant IT administrators breathe easy. Additional changes include tweaks to the settings interface and the setup of IMAP accounts.