Material warriors, this is the watch face you've been waiting for. It's a watch face forged from the finest material pixels and animations, presumably with the blessing of Lord DuARTe himself. What time is it? Material-o'clock, now and forever.

Okay, but seriously, it's a digital watch face with some material effects. The central time readout is on a FAB-like circle with a shadow beneath. The background shows a slowly expanding material ripple animation that actually serves as a second hand of sorts. The colors of the foreground and background are also configurable in the phone app.

Bold Watch Face costs $1.29 and works on all Wear devices, but I feel like it makes the most sense on the Moto 360. The ambient mode displays the ripple in grey (not always great for AMOLED) and the round design doesn't seem fitting for square devices. That's just one nerd's opinion, though.

Bold Watch Face
Bold Watch Face
Developer: Luigi Notaro
Price: $1.29