This weekend's question isn't explicitly about Android or even smartphones, but it is something highly relevant to most of us who follow technology: crowdfunding! Now, whatever your feelings on crowdfunding may be (I'm not a fan!), perhaps you've ventured a little cash on one at some point or another. We have covered many, many Kickstarters and Indiegogo projects on Android Police, so it'll be interesting to see just how many of you have actually pledged to a campaign.

Today's poll is just about technology crowdfunding, though, primarily because there's also a huge art funding scene out there on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other sites, so I'd prefer to limit our results to people expecting actual tech products or services as opposed to content or other sorts of things that end up on these sites in droves.

So, if you pledged to something like Chameleon Launcher or Pebble (apps, games, tech products), those are the sort of things that would count for the purpose of this poll. A collectible sticker, print, food, or piece of furniture (unless it's something like a tablet stand or smart lamp [not that I have any idea what a smart lamp would do]) wouldn't. Neither would a film, book, or other art project.

With those limitations in mind, let's get voting.

Have you ever pledged money to a technology crowdfunding campaign (hardware, apps, games)?

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