Whether you are going out tonight on an expensive date or you've prepared the most romantic night-in for your significant other, here's a small added gesture you can use to persuade them of how much you love them. Put this watch face up on your Android Wear, take a picture and send it to your partner. Tell them you're counting the minutes until you see them, and every time you glance at your watch, you're reminded of how your heart beats for them.* Cheesy. But isn't the entire "holiday" built around just that?

Impulse is made by notorious customizer and icon designer Tha PHLASH. It uses the animations of radial lines to create a heart-shaped black shadow inside them. However, I wish the effect resembled more that of a beating heart — for now it looks like it's growing and shrinking, not pulsating.

Impulse is very customizable. Several options can be adjusted from your phone, but you'll have to launch the settings interface from your watch to get all of them. They include a few colors and backgrounds, battery and date indicators, and the coolest choice: clock hands as regular lines or as symbols. In the latter, a heart replaces the hour hand and an arrow stands in for the minutes. It's just really sweet to watch the arrow spin around and catch the heart about once an hour.

Impulse costs $1, making it an impulse buy if you've already spent considerably more on the rest of the day's plans.

* Disclaimer: We're not responsible for any break-ups that might result of you following our cheesy love advice

IMPULSE - Watch face
IMPULSE - Watch face
Developer: Tha PHLASH
Price: $1.99