What would 300 singing Androids sound like? Very cute. Impossibly cute. Like a marshmallow of kawaii wrapped in a cotton-candy of adorable and sprinkled on top of a rainbow of charm. It would also be very cool. Like a groovy logistical nightmare hidden inside a fun technical challenge. But that's what the Google Japan team has managed to produce: a chorus of 300 different but perfectly synchronized, lovable, dancing and singing Androidify characters, each coming alive inside its own phone or tablet to perform a rendition of The Hymn Of Joy, from Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 (fourth movement).

I can't tell if the lyrics are Japanese (my only knowledge of the language stops at Arigato, Watashi WaNiSan, and Konnichiwa) or some Despicable Me-inspired language. But still, it's another creative representation of how Android is about being together but not the same. Also, this excerpt is apparently just a "quick taste of the show" at Omotesando Hills that will be running until this Sunday, February 15. You mean to say there's more? I'm off to check ticket prices to Japan, Sayōnara!