The Verizon Ellipsis 7 launched in November of 2013, a time shortly after Google released the Nexus 5 and manufacturers were thinking about pushing KitKat to their devices. Given the timing, it made sense that Verizon didn't ship Android 4.4 on its tablet.

But man, the carrier sure took its time. Three months after the world has had time to become acquainted with Lollipop, Verizon has decided to push KitKat out to its 7-inch tablet. As part of the over-the-air update, users get screen casting, wireless printing, and other features they've had more than enough time to get to know on other devices.


The Verizon Ellipsis 7 wasn't a particularly good tablet, but it was LTE-enabled, and it retailed for $249.99. That made it affordable, if nothing else. Now its software is a little less out of date, but it's still pretty old.