When Google kicked off its Be Together, Not The Same campaign, it started off with Androidified characters just being generally adorable. This month, the company has decided it doesn't need to make any references to Android, phones, tablets, or devices of any kind in order to sell its products. Google handles most of our searches, and it knows nothing draws eyeballs like cute animals doing cute animal-y things.

Now it's released another ad that's nearly as absent of tech as the last. This one is all about handshakes and the many different ways people of various ages and backgrounds come up with giving each other dap.


That's right, handshakes are better together, not the same. Or something of the sort. The aw factor may not be as high here, but I've already watched the ad multiple times. One more and I might just weird out the next person who sticks their hand my way.

Before you go, here's the last ad again.


I know, it actually gets cuter with age. Neither may have all that much to do with Android, but whatever.

Alternate titles: Google's Next Android-Less Ad Shows That No Two People Should Give Dap The Same Way

Google's Latest Ad Shows That Handshakes Are Better Together, Android Mascot Desperately Wishes He Had Thumbs