Google services may take a while to make the long trek north from Seattle to Vancouver, Detroit to Toronto, or from Portland to Montreal—but Canadians still get to enjoy Google hardware such as the Chromecast. Television network CTV has added support for the spiffy little dongle inside the latest version of its Android app (though this, too, kind of took a while).


Chromecast support is the most exciting item on the changelog, but this release also tweaks the interface. Everything is still mostly black and red, there's just more of the latter. Some of what used to be in the sidebar is now spread across the top of the screen in tabs.

The app is free to download, but you need a television subscription to access more current episodes.

What's new:

  • Redesigned and modernized look
  • Beta Chromecast support now available; cast videos straight from your handset or tablet to your TV
  • Core improvements that have made the app faster and better
  • New and improved user experience that makes finding the content you want much easier
  • Show pages now have a cleaner look with a clear separation of full length episodes and extras

Developer: Bell Media Inc.
Price: To be announced