Far be it from us to question the actions of a multi-billion dollar corporation... no, wait, questioning the actions of corporations is exactly what we're supposed to be doing. Let's try this again: hey AT&T, what gives? Today the carrier is introducing a new tier to its data pricing, giving it a grand total of eleven options in its Mobile Share Value plan segment. $75 gets you 7GB of data, with the new rollover feature enabled.

att plans

AT&T's current collection of data tiers. The $75/7GB option will be available Sunday.

There's nothing odd about that in and of itself, but AT&T's plans have become strangely specific over the last few months. Directly below the $75 tier is $70 for 6GB, and well above it is $100 for 10GB. The new 7GB tier is probably the best bang for your buck below $100, especially with rollover data enabled. Those with large families full of smartphones will probably still need to bump it up to 15GB ($130) or 20GB ($150) to avoid overage fees. That's before the standard per-line charges for access to AT&T's network: $25 or $40 for unsubsidized and contract phones respectively on the 6GB and lower plans, $15 and $40 for the 7GB plan or higher.

There's nothing particularly good or bad about AT&T adding another tier to its data offerings, unless you're one of those crazy people who want to pay for unlimited data and not have to look at a chart to know what they're getting. The $75/7GB tier will be available starting on Sunday, February 15th.

Press Release

DALLAS, Feb. 13, 2015 — Beginning Sunday, Feb. 15 and for a limited time, AT&T1 Mobile Share Value customers can now get 7GB of truly shareable data, unlimited talk and text, unlimited texting from the US to select countries and Rollover Data for a $75 per month plan charge plus device access charges.2 All on the nation’s most reliable LTE networkwith the nation’s strongest LTE signal.3

Any customer who buys a smartphone through AT&T NextSM on the new 7GB Mobile Share Value plan will pay $15 per month for that smartphone line’s access charge – our best pricing and a savings of $25 per month when compared to a smartphone on a new 2 year wireless agreement.4

For example, the new 7GB Mobile Share Value plan allows new and existing Mobile Share Value customers with three smartphone lines to take advantage of this deal - all for $120 per month.

Plus, when customers switch to AT&T, they can get a $100 bill credit when purchasing a new smartphone on AT&T NextSM.5

With Mobile Share Value plans, customers can easily add tablets, connected wearables, hotspot devices and Wireless Home Phone to their plan.

With 7GB of truly shareable data, customers are able to do all of this each month6:

  • Stream 60 hours of music and 12 hours of video
  • Surf the web for 110 hours
  • 500 posts with photos on social media
  • Download 50 mobile apps and send/receive 5,000 emails

Customers can easily take advantage of this new offer by visiting att.com and our current AT&T customers can also select the new plan via their myAT&T app.