Opening statement giving a broad overview of device updates. Introduction of specific manufacturer, carrier, and model. Expression of dissatisfaction at the state of Android updates. Date comparison of release of specific Android version and the latest version. Specific call to action for carrier and/or manufacturer. Lamentation on behalf of affected users. Grudging link to documentation of software update. In case you couldn't tell yet, we do a lot of these overdue carrier update posts on Android Police, and they aren't any more fun for us to write than they are for you to read.

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Today's object of ire is US Cellular. The smallest of the major carriers in the US has kept owners of the Motorola Electrify M (a rebranded version of the excellent RAZR M from 2012) waiting on a software update to Android KitKat for almost a year and a half. For the record, KitKat was first made available to manufacturers in November of 2013, and Verizon's near-identical DROID RAZR M got the Android 4.4 update in May of last year, "only" six months later. Since Motorola has been among the best manufacturers in releasing timely updates, I'm going to lay this one squarely on the carrier. Customers on US Cellular's support forum aren't so kind.

Motorola's update text doesn't list much beyond the standard KitKat additions, but that's not surprising - the Electrify M was pretty close to stock Android to begin with, which makes the lateness of this update all the more baffling. I wouldn't hold my breath for Lollipop. Hey, US Cellular customers: the Nexus 6 is available from the carrier, and anyone with an Electrify M is probably overdue for an update. If you get tired of waiting for the latest update on the N6, you can always flash it yourself.