Sony's Live on YouTube app, which allows you to offer live streams from your Xperia handset, has updated to bring more devices into the fray. First off, sorry, but this is still Xperia-only and is likely to stay that way. The other key feature addition is the ability to broadcast in full HD when the camera and local upload speed allows it.


Here are all the supported devices following today's update:

  • Z3
  • Z3 Compact
  • ZL2
  • Z2 Tablet
  • Z2
  • Z1 Compact
  • Z1
  • Z
  • Tablet Z
  • Z Ultra
  • ZL
  • ZQ
  • ZR

Remember that you'll have to enable this option in your YouTube account before broadcasting will work. You'll also lose the privilege if you stream copyrighted material, which is not very surprising.

The app was not found in the store. :-(