The Flickr app got a substantial redesign not long ago, and it's not bad. The new version brings some additional features, including something mysterious and "sparkly." I'm not sure what that means, but there are some other, less cryptic features as well.

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Here's the changelog for v3.2.2.

  • Tag other Flickr users in photos
  • Add your photo to albums and groups directly from the photo.
  • Thanks for the feedback and patience with a bug that prevented Flickr from working in Arabic. Thanks to your help, we found and fixed it!
  • We're also beta testing some sparkly new features in the feed that we think you'll love!

Tagging is the big deal in this update. You can find it in the details page of your photos, which isn't necessarily the most convenient spot. Just enter the usernames of any friends and they'll be tagged. Albums and groups are now configurable from the device, making it easier to keep track of all your stuff. That's nice if you use Yahoo's 1TB of free photo storage. You'll find those options in the details page too.

Whatever the sparkly secret features in the feed are supposed to be, I'm not seeing them. I assume it's something like this.

Developer: Flickr, Inc.
Price: Free