DS Cam is Synology's interface for interacting with its surveillance camera from an Android device. Version 2.5 adds a number of new features, most of which require Surveillance Station 7.0. One is the ability to control the lens, specifically auto-panning, auto-focusing, and tracking objects. With two-way audio, instead of simply hearing what's going on, you can now project your voice through the camera's speaker as well.

Screenshot 2015-02-11 at 12.10.19 PM

This update also adds the ability to download, view, delete, lock, and unlock snapshots taken with the Surveillance Station.

Only two enhancements are reserved for people who don't own Surveillance Station 7.0: the list view layout is now remembered after logging out and you can rearrange the list of recordings so that newest or oldest entries appear first.


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DS cam
DS cam
Developer: Synology Inc.
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