You're not alone. We all feel the catrocious weight of our daily grind, from early meowning until late evening, and by the time the clock strikes a dozin' bells, we're ready to roll over on our work stations and catipulate. Evidence supporting:


But if you're in pussyssion of an Android Wear watch and you find yourself kitten tired the entire time, you'll deem this very nappropriate. It has pastail colored lazy cat doodles fur every day of the week, with hours labeled as naps, some in catslock and others in lower cats.


This siestacular face works on both circular and square watches and comes with a darkly catmospheric ambient mode. So the next time you're feline sleepy, daydreaming of a-nappealing pillow, you can spend your time drowsing Facebook or, better yet, pawsing to check your wrist and count the seconds until the next snoozetime.


At $1, Nap Cats isn't cheap, but it's hissterical and could really purrk you up. Alright, I'll stop the puns. I swear, this was my furry last one.

Alternate title: Nap Cats Watch Face Tempts Your Nappettite With Some Cattitude

Nap Cats Watch Face
Nap Cats Watch Face
Developer: ATEKTURA/
Price: $0.99