Managing 2-factor authentication is a pain, but such is the price we pay for security, right? Authy makes it much less annoying with secure backup, device sync, and offline mode for 2fa. It hasn't been the most attractive app, but the new version is looking much nicer and more material.

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Here's the official v20 changelog for Authy.

  • Re-designed the app for Material Design
  • You can now choose to view your tokens in a list or in a grid.
  • Fixed some minor bugs

The design overhaul is rather significant. The old dark holo UI is gone, replaced by a vibrant red material UI with a tinted status bar, hero color, and some FABs. I'd like to show you more of the the UI (including the new list view), but Authy's Play Store page doesn't have updated screens yet and it's secured to prevent screenshots in any part of the app with important info. Thus, the images above will have to suffice for now.

Authy 2-Factor Authentication
Authy 2-Factor Authentication
Developer: Authy
Price: Free
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  • Chad