A lot of you might like to follow the example of the esteemed Johnny Paycheck, and tell your boss to Take This Job and Shove It. Alas, if you want to keep eating and sleeping indoors, you'll simply have to take comfort in Alan Jackson's less confrontational message: It's Five O'clock Somewhere. But if you've got an Android Wear device, we've found a watch face that might just make your Shift Work (Kenny Chesney) more bearable by showing you exactly when you can start singing the 5:01 Blues with Merle Haggard.

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The 9to5 Working Hours watch face uses the segmented radial approach to scheduling that we've seen before in apps like 12Hours. But instead of drawing events from your phone's calendar, the watch face has one simple function: showing you when your workday starts and ends by way of a segmented red line. Don't worry if you don't work the conventional Nine To Five (Dolly Parton - OK, I'll stop now) dayjob: the app can adjust to any shift's start or end time. Little encouraging messages will show up on the blank areas of the face, like "weekend starts in 2 hours."

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The watch face is surprisingly versatile too, coming in both analog and digital versions (if you don't like showing a circular watch face on your square Android Wear device) and a 24-hour mode, which is handy for military or emergency workers. It also includes an optional date and battery readout, and the settings can be adjusted either on your watch or your phone. 9to5 Working Hours is a reasonable $1 and should work with any current Android Wear device.

9to5 Working Hours Watch Face
9to5 Working Hours Watch Face
Developer: ATEKTURA/
Price: $1.49