It's been a while since Google bought up another company - with the regularity that the folks in Mountain View go on the corporate equivalent of a shopping spree, you might say they're overdue. The latest Google acquisition is Odysee, an app and service that automatically backs up photos and videos taken on mobile and saves a copy in the cloud and/or on users' home PCs.

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The Android and iOS apps have already been un-published on the Play Store and App Store, and according to the Odysee home page, the service will shut down completely on February 23rd. Odysee isn't accepting any new users, but current users will be able to download their photos and videos as an archive after the shutdown. When it was fully active, Odysee included an API for other apps to hook into the service.

We are excited to share that the Odysee Platform Team will be joining the Google+ Team.

Odysee’s vision was to be the easiest way for everyone to capture unlimited memories and access them everywhere. We are very excited to join Google where we'll continue to focus on building amazing products that people love.

Our deepest thanks to every one of our users. To help you with the transition, the Odysee service will continue till Feb 23rd and soon after that all your photos and videos will be available as a downloadable archive.

The Odysee Team

According to the Odysee homepage, Google is incorporating the current developers into the huge Google+ team. Their specific jobs haven't been detailed, but it's safe to assume that Odysee's expertise in photo and video backup will be put to use for the similar feature already built into Google+ on devices and the web. It's also possible that Google wants the Odysee developers and/or software for a revitalized Google Photos, when and if it splits off from Google+.