Yesterday we got our hands on a leaked Sprint document suggesting that the HTC One M8 would get its Android 5.0 update on February 13th. Next to it in parenthesis were the words subject to change. As it turns out, sometimes things actually do change. The carrier has posted an HTC One M8 support page that says the over-the-air update is going out today.

Screenshot 2015-02-06 at 11.17.05 AM

The software bumps things up to software version 4.20.651.10 and provides a sweet serving of Lollipop. I received the big 5.0 OTA for the HTC One M7 yesterday, and while it's not the same phone, things line up pretty well with the M8 screenshots that have already made the rounds. After all, certain HTC devices have had the latest version of Android for months. So while you're harassing the update button on yours, feel free to give those a look.