Android Auto hasn't arrived in vehicles yet, but interested parties are already getting their ducks in a row. We've seen car manufacturers announce support and a handful of aftermarket radio makers show off their products (Parrot, Kenwood, Pioneer), all stuff to get excited about. But for any of this to be good, app developers have to get behind the platform as well. So it's good to see iHeartRadio add Android Auto support in the latest app update.

The screenshot added to the iHeartRadio app's Play Store page shows an interface that's just as stock-looking and Google-y as we would hope. It looks notably different from the existing iHeartRadio for Auto app that's made for vehicles but not related to Android Auto.


As for details, this little snippet has appeared in the app's description.

When you plug your smartphone into a vehicle equipped with Android Auto, iHeartRadio joins you for the ride. Access your favorite stations wherever your travels take you! For more information, please visit

It's not much, but it's all we have for now. Grab the app below if you want to jam to tunes on your current Android device in anticipation.