The term "chivalry" has somehow become conflated with being gentlemanly over the years, but chivalry was mostly about who to stab with your sword and how to go about it. There's certainly a lot of that in Broadsword: Age of Chivalry. This game has just arrived on Android with Tegra-optimized graphics, but other Android devices can play with somewhat simplified graphics.

Broadsword: Age of Chivalry is a turn-based strategy game that includes two campaigns in the free download. You take control of the armies of France, England, Spain, or the Hapsburg Empire (second two available via IAP) to do battle with a wide assortment of units. There are knights, pikemen, archers, and hero units like Joan of Arc. Most of the game is played in a top-down isometric view, but when you attack there's a neat cinematic sequence. It's based on the Age of Chivalry Source mod for PCs, but with the gameplay modified for touchscreens.

There are three graphics settings, but the highest is reserved for Tegra-powered devices. All tablets with Tegra chips will enjoy enhanced textures, dynamic shadows, ragdoll physics, and particle effects. According to the description, a Tegra 4 is required for 2-bone animation and a Tegra K1 is needed for 4-bone animation—I think that's referring to how complex the ragdoll physics are. Additionally, building explosions are Tegra K1 only.