Google may not want managing apps to be a primary part of the Android Wear experience, but that doesn't mean all users must agree. Wear Mini Launcher shrinks a traditional app drawer onto that tiny display, where you can access your petite apps with just a swipe.

Today version 3 has hit Google Play, and while it does a number of things to streamline the watch experience, the big item on the changelog deals with the companion app. This required piece of software now sports a Material Design-inspired interface (here's the old holo version, if you're curious). The app lacks a sidebar and is pretty tab heavy, but considering the amount of time you will spend tinkering around with it, that hardly gets in the way.


As for the watch side of the situation, version 3 introduces the ability to manage an app by long tapping, after which you can bookmark, hide, or uninstall the software. Alternatively, you can sticky an app by double tapping it. Here's the changelog.

What's new:

  • Material design for the phone's app
  • Double tap an app for sticky mode
  • Long tap an app to manage it
  • New tool: disconnection notification
  • New Quick Setting to lock screen on
  • New translations

If you have yet to give the app a try, it can drastically alter your Android Wear experience. Don't let the offers in-app purchases label scare you. Those are only for donations. All of the functionality is entirely free.

Wear Mini Launcher
Wear Mini Launcher
Developer: Mini Tools
Price: Free+