So Microsoft is supposed to be buying Sunrise, but what's this? An update for the app? Perhaps this will confirm the deal. Let's just see... "Today, we're excited to announce our ... new Android app for tablets!" Oh, Sunrise, you trolls. It's the big v2.0 update with full tablet support and some extra goodies.

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Here's the changelog, minus the possible teasing above.

  • New tablet-optimized UI
  • Over 25,000 calendars for holidays, sport teams, name days, week numbers, and more
  • You can connect two news apps – Google Tasks and Eventbrite

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The tablet functionality should be self-explanatory. The app didn't have a dedicated tablet layout before, but now it does (see above). The extra event calendars are available for various sports teams, countries, and religions. Choose the ones you want (if any) and they will be integrated with the Sunrise app. This dovetails nicely with the app integration, which is being expanded this time with support for Google Tasks (do people still use that?) and Eventbrite.

Sunrise is free, and it's supposed to continue being a thing after the Microsoft merger is announced. That is, of course, assuming that's for real.

The app was not found in the store. :-(