In 1973 Disney released Robin Hood, a kid-friendly re-telling of the English outlaw legend with anthropomorphic animal characters. There wasn't anything odd about that  - its previous release was The Aristocats. What was odd about the movie was the tonal shift to American folk music, with Texas-born singer Roger Miller providing the songs and narration, and even appearing as Robin Hood's musical merry man Alan-a-Dale (an animated rooster in this version). It is perhaps the most unique of Disney's animated movies in its era.  

What is all this doing on an Android blog? Well, some genius over in Mountain View thought that Miller's opening song for the movie would be perfect for Android's current "be together, not the same" ad campaign. And just to make sure you were paying attention, they put it over footage of different animals frolicking, napping, and generally getting along. Seriously, this is the kind of stuff that would overload the call center at @CuteEmergency.

Pretty good, huh? Here's the original song and the sequence from the movie, just in case you've never seen it (or forgotten). The whole movie is on Netflix in the US, for which I'm grateful - Little John's line "I am Sir Reginald, Duke of Chutney" is worth the view alone.

The ad doesn't really have much at all to do with mobile phones or open source operating systems, but it should draw millions of aaaaawwwwws out of TV audiences as it airs over the next few weeks.

Alternate title: This Android Commercial Has Zero Phones, Zero Tablets, Zero Watches, And It's So Damn Cute I Don't Freakin' Care