There's a new version of the Play Music app rolling out, and you know what that means. Yes, Google will be cruelly keeping you from having the new version for a few days as the staggered rollout continues. Luckily, we've got the APK below. This is a reasonably big update with some layout changes, feature tweaks, and more.

Okay, here's everything we've found so far that's new.

  • Navigation drawer now full-height
  • Bio and history on artist page
  • Back/previous button now on notification  (lock screen and notifications), previously only in expanded view
  • Library tabs are orange to match the header
  • Library scroll bar now starts above the tabs
  • Songs UI in My Library now a much more attractive card
  • The entire header and tabs hide now when scrolling
  • New slide-up animation when selecting playlists
  • In the artists tab if there isn't an artist hero image, it will now use album covers instead of a grey icon

2015-02-04 15.12.59 2015-02-04 15.19.57 2015-02-04 15.09.48 2015-02-04 15.10.49

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Top: New, Bottom: Old

As usual, we'll keep poking around and will update if we find anything else. It's worth mentioning the Android Wear component has been updated, but we're not sure what, if anything, was changed there.

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