I gather basketball is the next big sports thing in the US now that the Superbowl is over. Well, Google is getting excited with an update to the Androidify app. In the new v3.0 app, you've got the option of equipping your Android character with the garb of your favorite team. That's in addition to a bunch of new items and looks, many of which go nicely with your basketball-themed bugdroid.

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The Androidify app is good enough to label everything that's new. That includes the entire NBA category of course, but there are a fair number of new items in the categories too. Just open them up and scroll through to see all the new things. There are new hair styles, accessories, clothing items, and so on. Some of the new accessories are also automatically color-matched to the NBA uniforms.

There aren't any "new" labels on the animations when you export your character, but they might have been left off. For example, there are a few convenient basketball animations that may or may not have been there before. The Androidify update should be rolling out in the Play Store soon. We've got the APK below if you want to get it now.


Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free