Evoland is not a typical adventure RPG. It is actually all typical RPGs rolled up into a single package. This game takes you through the history of the action RPG genre, starting with 2D monochrome gameplay and eventually ending up with full-3D open world graphics.

Evoland basically makes new eras of gaming unlockable abilities that you access by completing the more retro portions. You can only move side-to-side at first, but then you'll find "Free Movement" and the game morphs into a Legend of Zelda-style experience. It's the same when you unlock turn-based combat a la Final Fantasy. It has a ton of nostalgic gameplay, but not too much of any one thing, which is clever.

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This game originally debuted on Steam in 2013 where it got overwhelmingly positive reviews from players. It's still $9.99 on PC, but you can grab it for $4.99 in the Play Store. There are no in-app purchases, but wouldn't it be kind of funny if you "unlocked" the era of IAPs?

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Developer: Playdigious
Price: $2.99