Google apparently likes to offer some free tunes every now and then to get people using its music service. Such is the case today with Kaskade's "I Remember," which is an electronic/dance album consisting of 20 songs (including a bonus edit in this deal). You can have it for free, and it only takes, like, three mouse clicks.

2015-02-03 14_05_18-Kaskade_ I Remember - Music on Google Play

I will not pretend to know much about this sort of music, so here are some things that other people said about this album.

  • "Fan-friggin-tastic."
  • "Kaskade, one of the best producers in history"
  • "Doesn't get any better!"
  • "kaskade never disappoints me"

I don't know if these people are easily impressed, but there you have it. The album is usually $9.49 or $1.29 per track. You can get all 20 for free today, so get on it. Make sure you use the link below, otherwise it won't show up as free.

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