For weeks now, the vast majority of recent issues in Google's public Android issue tracker have been spam. This is no sophisticated attack, just a barrage of the most transparently useless bug submissions you can imagine. It is completely crowding out legitimate issues and it appears Google is not too concerned about that fact. We would file a bug report about it, but...


Nearly a hundred more posted just in the time I sifted through grabbing screenshots. I did see the number fluctuate a bit, suggesting that maybe Google has taken some measures to decrease it. If they have, though, they're doing a very poor job. Some simple keyword filters should drastically reduce the spam.

I had to go over a thousand issues deep before finding a run of consecutive legitimate bug reports. They were still flanked by hundreds of bogus ones, though. At this point, it seems unlikely that anyone could use the issue tracker for anything productive. Unfortunately, Google has been silent on the matter both in word and in action.

If you want to keep score at home, the total number of bug reports at the time of this posting was 16,095.

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