LIFX is another one of those "smart bulbs," an LED light bulb with some basic electronics and a Wi-Fi connection built in, competing with platforms like HUE from Phillips. Today the manufacturer's official app gets a significant update to version 2.0, focusing on more connectivity options and integration with other software systems. Owners of the pricey bulbs can download the updated app now and connect individual bulbs to their LIFX account.

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New above, old below.

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The most important change is that email linking option, which allows control of the bulbs via third party integration with all sorts of tools. LIFX was already integrated with the Nest home automation system for alarms and automatic away settings, but now you can also connect it to If This, Then That (IFTTT) to make the bulb's color and intensity contingent upon web settings. The app itself now integrates with Android Wear, though the description doesn't say exactly how aside from "controlling your lights from your watch. (I can't test it, because I'm not going to spend a hundred bucks on a light bulb no matter how cool it is.)

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Other improvements include a slightly revamped user interface, notably the ability to edit the names of individual or group lights directly on the control wheel. A change to the security setting lets guests control lightbulbs if they're connected to the local Wi-Fi network, but they won't have the same privileges from a remote connection. LIFX is a free download on Android 4.0+ devices.

Developer: LiFi Labs Inc.
Price: Free