The deal is now active. Go register to claim up to $140 in savings if you're in the market for a new Motorola device.

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Motorola wants you to give your special someone one of its devices this Valentine's Day, so it's going to offer out promo codes worth $140 off your purchase of $499.99 (such as a new Moto X) or $50 off your purchase of $249.99 (a Moto 360).

To get this deal, you will need to sign up next Monday, February 2nd, starting at 11 AM CST. After receiving the code in an email, you must redeem it by 10:59 PM CST Saturday, February 14th. That gives you roughly two weeks.

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Folks who don't get a code can still save $100 off $499.99 or $35 off $249.99 during the same time period. This way people who aren't in the know, or people who try to sign up after all of the codes are gone, can still save a few bucks.

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The offer does not include the Nexus 6 or the Republic Wireless version of the new Moto X. For other caveats, here's the provided list of details.

  • Register on Monday February 2, from 11am - 11:59pm CT OR after 200,000 promo codes have been distributed for a code worth $140 off your pre-tax purchase of $499.99 OR $50 off a pre-tax purchase of $249.99.
  • You must use a shipping address within the U.S.
  • On Tuesday, February 3: $100 off $499.99 OR $35 off $249.99 site-wide.
  • Consumers have until until February 14 at 10:59pm CT to redeem.
  • This offer excludes Nexus 6, Moto X (2nd Gen.) on Republic Wireless, and the Extended Service Plan. Limit two devices among Moto X (2nd Gen.), Moto G (2nd Gen.), Moto G 4G LTE (1st Gen.), Moto E, and Moto 360. Promotions cannot be combined.

Source: Motorola blog