The yearly dance has begun. Trailers have been released. Theories are being spun. Cable and satellite TV call centers are flooded with renewed HBO subscriptions. Game of Thrones is coming back for a new season. And while that's all well and good, a small but considerable portion of fans are also looking forward to new episodes in TellTale's companion adventure game, which weaves around some of the same events. They won't have to wait much longer.

Episode 2 in TellTale's series, subtitled "The Lost Lords," will become available for players on Thursday. It follows the continuing adventures of... you know what, there's no way for me to tell you what it's about without spoiling the huge ending to the first episode. So, you can expect more of TellTale's signature style (mostly dialogue trees and a couple of inventory puzzles) interspersed with voice acting performances from the Game of Thrones actors, including newcomer Kit Harrington reprising his role as Jon Snow.

The second episode will come as an in-app purchase for the existing game, not a separate app. It's a $5 purchase on its own, or you can get episodes 2-6 for $20. Thanks, TellTale - now please give us some more Tales From the Borderlands!

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
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