Last month's platform distribution numbers were a bit of a surprise in that Lollipop hadn't even broken the 0.1% threshold required for inclusion in the data. That changes this month, but adoption is still slow. Android 5.0 is showing up at 1.6% usage share, with very little movement elsewhere.

2015-02-02 13_40_59-Dashboards _ Android Developers

Since it didn't show up at all in last month's data, Lollipop usage has actually jumped quite a bit in the last 30 days. The absolute numbers are still probably very small, but at least there's some movement. Early on, it looked like Lollipop was going to be a speedy rollout with Motorola, LG, and Nvidia all pushing out OTAs in short order. However, things have slowed since then, possibly in anticipation of pending bug fixes from Google.

The rest of the data is remarkably steady. Most other OS versions lost a few tenths of a percent as Android 5.0 ticked upward. I imagine adoption will pick up in the next month as Samsung continues its Lollipop rollout and Google has the opportunity to get some more fixes done.