Project Tango, also known as "that Google thing that isn't Project Ara," is growing up. The 3D motion and mapping hardware has been moved out of the Advanced Technology And Products Group (basically Google's version of Lockheed Skunkworks) after two years of development and the not-quite-release of a developer's kit. Now, like all recent graduates in this economy, it's moving back in with its parents at Google. So... right down the hall in Mountain View, I suppose?

Tango is a software and hardware package that uses various sensitive motion trackers and camera systems to record incredible amounts of motion detail while simultaneously mapping out the surrounding environment. Think "the motion tracker thing from Aliens," only cooler. It might not sound like much, but the results can be staggering, and the potential applications range from simple video games all the way to tools used by NASA.

So what's next for Tango? While ATAP's farewell Google+ post didn't give much information, Google previously indicated it was planning a consumer launch later this year. We've also seen some indications of Tango functionality being integrated with Google services like Maps. Right now the only way to get your hands on Tango is to be one of Google's educational or corporate dev partners, or to have been to Google I/O 2014. Hopefully by the time I/O rolls around again we'll have more information on a conventional release.

Source: Google ATAP (Google+)