Were you upset that CyanogenMod changed its boot animation for CM12 (based on Lollipop) to a blinding white flash of branding brilliance? Then you really need to find better things to be upset about. Even so, it looks like the nightly builds released just a few days later have adjusted the boot animation once again, bringing it back to a more sober black. Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

And here's the slightly older one, just for the sake of comparison.

I prefer a black background on a boot animation, if for no other reason than it looks better on an AMOLED screen. The new one has a slight advantage in that it's about half the size, probably thanks to the lack of that fullscreen vanishing animation at the end. Of course, anyone prepared to flash a CyanogenMod nightly build is probably well-informed enough to substitute any boot animation they want.

Source: CyanogenMod code review - thanks Gabriel! - new boot GIF via Reddit user plays2