Oh Flipboard, you had me at "Indian Food." Then you lost me at "Royal Baby." Then I liked you again when you mentioned "Fish and Chips." But I hate you now because you only want to be friends with British and Indian people. I'll have you know, some subjects are international. But you, dear reader, don't have to stand next to me in this feud, especially if you live in one of these two countries since you should be able to benefit from Flipboard's new Topics feature.

Launched this past October, Topics was only available to U.S and Canadian readers, allowing them to narrow down their interest scope to specific subjects instead of general tags. With today's update to Flipboard, Topics widen their reach to the UK and India and there are three ways you can get in on the action.


You can either use the topic picker that will be shown the first time you open the app after updating it, the search function to find and follow new topics, or the tags in a post you're reading to check similar articles. The articles presented in topics are gathered based on Flipboard-acquired Zite algorithms and human curation.

If you download Flipboard from the widget below to try out this new discovery feature, you'll be happy to know that this update also comes with more performance improvements.

Source: Inside

Alternate title: I'll Have A Lassi With My Full English Breakfast, And Today's Flipboard Newspaper. Cheers!