Bank statements. Insurance policies. Credit card bills. All of these are things that you should hang on to, and you might not. FileThis is a service that hopes to make proper filing as easy and painless as possible by automatically fetching those documents and dropping them right into your cloud storage service of choice. It's kind of like having one of those automatic scanners... without all that, you know, tedious scanning.

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The process is appealingly simple. Create an account with FileThis, then connect it to your preferred cloud storage account. FileThis supports Dropbox, Google Drive,, Evernote, or Amazon CloudDrive, or you can save files to the proprietary FileThis system or your own PC (with the Windows program). Next, you add services that you want to collect information from. FileThis includes access to the biggest banks and insurance companies in the United States, plus a few other regular bill senders like cell phone carriers (including AT&T and Verizon), cable and satellite TV providers, and even a few unconventional options like Amazon and PayPal. Currently the company claims "over 400" sources.

Once you've connected FileThis to everything, any new paperwork will be automatically saved to your account, accessible either directly on your cloud storage or through the FileThis web, desktop, or mobile app. It's all encrypted with 256-bit security. The Android app can add or delete corporate connections or cloud storage options, plus browse the paperwork itself inside the app.

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Unfortunately the complexity of the service means that free options are limited. The "forever free" service tier of FileThis includes up to six connections to outside companies, with paperwork synced and backed up once a week, plus 500MB of storage on FileThis. (Storage synced to other cloud services or your computer is unlimited.) For $2 a month you can double that to twelve connections and 1GB of storage. If you're drowning in paperwork you can opt for the $5-a-month "ultimate" package with up to 30 connections, 10GB of storage, and daily backups.


FileThis – Bills & Receipts
FileThis – Bills & Receipts