OnePlus And Cyanogen Inc. ended their relationship on a sour note last year, leaving the former in a position to start producing its own software. After putting a team together, it began developing ROMs for the OnePlus One independently. Of course, these builds needed a name. So as the company is want to do, it held a contest. The winning name is, without further ado, OxygenOS.


Why this name? OnePlus finds oxygen, the element, to be highly inspirational. Here's a blurb from the announcement post.

"Oxygen is all around us. It’s part of us and everything we do. It creates the water that carves out valleys and moves mountains. By itself, it’s simple and pure—a fundamental building block. But, as a part of something greater, it can do amazing things. Just like us."

OnePlus is currently developing two different ROMs: OxygenOS for use in global markets, and H2OS for the Chinese one. The company says it will have more information to share on February 12th.

Sources: Google+, OnePlus announcement