Google, in a post to its Inside Search blog, has just announced that third-party Google Now cards are on the way. Something users (and developers) have been curious about since the predictive assistant's inception is finally getting some exploration, as Google teams up with "30+ developers" to bring users cards covering everything from Pandora suggestions to Lyft ride prices.

exampleforpandora airbnbnowcard

Google says the new cards will be rolling out over the next few weeks, and provides a bunch of examples on the Google Now landing page. The lineup already includes lots of notable names such as Runtastic, Hootsuite, Zillow, the Guardian, the Economist, Shazam, Instacart, TripAdvisor and lots more.

As Google explains in its post, third party cards are a good alternative to either opening your apps all the time, or relying on notifications that quickly turn into clutter. The post is scant on details regarding how developers can get in on the Google Now fun, but presumably more information will come later.

Of course, the Google Now card lineup can fill up pretty fast. Google doesn't say it explicitly but presumably users will have the same sort of control over these cards as they do the normal lineup, with the option to switch them off if they aren't needed.

Check out the full post linked below.

Source: Google