As a wise man once said, all good things must come to an end. (I'm fairly certain it was Captain Picard.) So it is with a handful of mobile RPGs and tower defense games from developer Spacetime Studios. In a post on the company's official forum, CEO Gary Gattis said that the games Arcane Battlegrounds, Battle Dragons, Dark Legends, Pocket Legends, and Star Legends will not be getting any future updates, including the standard weekly bonuses and seasonal events.

Arcane Legends, a more recent take on the free-to-play mobile MMO formula, is still receiving updates.

The games themselves will remain available, at least for the time being. But the developers' efforts will now be focused on other existing games and new titles, particularly Arcane Legends, a mobile fantasy MMO that incorporates many of the gameplay systems of the games listed above. Gattis went on to tease an upcoming PvP mobile game, presumably in one of the company's fleshed-out existing universes. The news applies to both Android and iOS versions of the games in question.

It's been over four years since Pocket Legends dropped on Android. Plenty of full-sized MMOs don't make it that long before falling into obscurity, so by that metric, Spacetime's games have done extremely well on a platform where making complex, player-focused games doesn't always bring success. We'll be interested to see if Spacetime can keep up its good work in the RPG and tower defense genres... hopefully without such a strong leaning on the free-to-play model.

Source: Spacetime Studios forum