The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is a big tablet. Unsurprisingly, it comes with a hefty price tag to match. Back when it launched early last year, the 32GB Wi-Fi version came at $749.99, and the price has only dropped down to $599.99 on Amazon in the time since. AT&T still sells its 4G LTE-enabled version at $899.99.

Let that sink in.

Then take a look at eBay, where refurbished AT&T units are currently going for $379.99. These are unlocked, so you're free to shop around when it comes to which carrier you use them on. That's what we in the business like to call a good deal.

Screenshot 2015-01-29 at 9.54.51 AM

Here's the small print. Shipping is free, but the seller won't mail one off to anyone in Africa, Asia, South America, or the countries of Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, Mexico, and Ukraine. That basically leaves Australia, Canada, most of Europe, and the US. If you live in one of these places, then have at it. Here's the link, and if you need more information on the device, check out our review.

AT&T Unlocked 32GB Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 4G LTE on eBay