In the dead of night (for those in the US, anyway), Microsoft has released its Outlook Preview app to the Play Store.

Built for Android phones and tablets alike, Microsoft promises that Outlook will help you "get more done from anywhere," handling all your email accounts and attempting to automatically triage your inbox based on what seems most relevant.


For manual triage, the app offers swipe gestures for quickly deleting, archiving, or "scheduling" messages (essentially like snoozing in Google's Inbox).

Outlook also wants to handle your calendar - Microsoft notes the app has your calendar built right in, and it can provide its own reminders and notifications for events.

Besides that, Outlook boasts easy file attachments, inbox filters, quick searches, and features that aim to help users see who they communicate with most, with the ability to see recent communications, meetings, and files.

Microsoft encourages users to submit feedback on the preview app in Outlook's settings menu, with FAQs also appearing in the app.

If you're an Outlook user, you should feel right at home in the Android app, even if it's still in preview mode. Hit the widget below to grab it for yourself.

Update: With its official announcement, Microsoft has provided a more in-depth look at its new Outlook preview, which - for those wondering - is in fact based on Acompli, acquired by Microsoft last year.