Google has always been at least somewhat mindful of moviegoers using its primary search tool to get information about recent and upcoming movies. The current Knowledge Graph that you see when searching for movies, actors, directors and so on is pretty good. But if you search using the official Google Search app for Android or search in Chrome for Android starting today, you might see something altogether more interesting. Check out the animation below, straight from the official Google+ account for Search:


Neat, huh? The results for relevant queries are now displayed in a gallery that's not unlike the Google Play Store or similar apps. The new UI incorporates quite a bit of Material Design in the layout, colors, and animations. The enhanced layout is visible from both the Search app itself and standard Google searches made in the Android version of Chrome. Oddly, the feature seems to be strictly limited to queries that include the word "movies" - search for "Stephen Spielberg" and you'll get the old Knowledge Graph specifically about the director, but search for "Stephen Spielberg movies" and you'll get the gallery.

Screenshot_2015-01-28-15-54-21 Screenshot_2015-01-28-15-51-36 Screenshot_2015-01-28-15-54-33

Each profile page for a single movie includes a brief description, a list of notable actors, critic info, quick links to similar or related films, and links to the Play Store and YouTube if available. It's all pretty standard stuff, and none of it is exactly new, but the layout is neat (especially the way it automatically colors the listing and expanded view). If you're not seeing the new UI for movie-related searches right away, be patient. Google sometimes rolls out Search features in batches, just like most of the first-party Android apps.

Source: Google+