If you've invested in a Sonos speaker system for your home, you have probably cursed the Sonos app on more than one occasion. It was vastly improved last spring, and now there's a new public beta that makes some welcome changes. According to Sonos, the new app is "A Little Bit Faster Now."

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Here's the changelog posted by Sonos.

  • A faster way to manage all the rooms in your home: Effortlessly move your music around your home with a more accessible rooms menu, now available by tapping the top of any screen in the Sonos app.
  • Improvements to the tablet app: New dedicated screens for what’s playing and music discovery on iOS and Android tablets makes toggling between screens more intuitive.
  • Quickly switch between screens: Using your phone, swipe down from the now playing screen to go back to browse your music. Then swipe from left to right to show all your music sources.
  • Want to hear that verse again? The track progression bar is back in your now playing screen, just below the album art. Drag it to whatever point in the song you want to play.
  • Easier to mix it up: With Crossfade, blending your tracks is simple from within the info menu, now more prominently placed alongside the sleep timer. From the now playing screen, press the info button to access.

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Sonos doesn't use the Play Store beta system, so you will need to log into the Sonos site with your account info and sign up for the beta. You'll get an APK with the new features so you can sideload it. The final version will be out in the coming months, so enjoy the exclusivity while it lasts.