As someone who doesn't use Snapchat regularly, maybe I'm not the right person to see the appeal of the new Discover program. I'm not hip and cool like, uh, all those people who are a few years younger than me, who are always consuming fresh content from cool places like CNN, National Geographic, and Yahoo News. So perhaps it's not for me to say that Snapchat's new curated content discovery section is ill-aimed and solves no real problems. But I'm going to say it anyway.

Snapchat Discover is a series of channels from major media publications that are specifically curated and formatted for the Snapchat messenger app, and by extension, for phone browsing. The content is text, music, video, or a combination of all three, intended to be browsed with swipes and gestures not unlike the first-party Feedly app. New content is selected by the editors each day.

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There's no way to go deeper once you've finished the end of a story - you can either go on to the next curated piece, or open up your Search or browser app and go consume information the old, boring way. I can't help but feel like this is a novel but fundamentally misguided way for Snapchat to try and bring in content partners on the strength of its relatively young audience.

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Snapchat's regular users already know how to find stories and videos from all of these outlets - the only reason they might choose to consume it this way is to save a tiny bit of time or check out some neat-looking animations.

Snapchat Discover is a free portion of the existing app. To try it out, tap the circle in the top right-hand corner of the app's home screen.

Source: Snapchat

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free+